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Who Is Dr. Fatima E. Kasiah?

Dr. Fatima E. Kasiah is a distinguished psychiatrist known for her exceptional skills, leadership, and dedication to mental health care. Beginning her medical journey at Ross University School of Medicine, she discovered her passion for psychiatry, which she views as a calling to understand and alleviate human suffering. Her medical education continued at Morehouse School of Medicine, where she excelled as a resident and served as Chief Resident.

Dr. Kasiah further specialized in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at The University of Alabama at Birmingham, gaining deep insights into the psychiatric needs of younger populations. In her practice, she takes a comprehensive and empathetic approach to treatment, focusing on patient-centered care that addresses the whole story of those she treats.

“In the symphony of the mind, every note matters. My mission is to tune into the unique melodies of those I serve, transforming discord into harmony, and weaving a tapestry of care that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.”

Dr. Fatima Kasiah


My commitment to psychiatry is driven by a passion to serve, a desire to understand the human mind in all its complexity, and a dedication to improving the lives of those affected by mental health issues. Whether through direct patient care or through the education of future professionals, my goal is to advance the field of psychiatry in a manner that is patient-centered, empathetic, and grounded in a partnership that empowers individuals towards healing and growth.



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